Objective Umpiring with Results

With years in the resolution business, Our Umpire is well-suited to work on all manner of property appraisals and is very comfortable working with appraisers operating at any experience level.  From skyscrapers and commercial complexes to custom-built homes and entire neighborhoods, Our Umpire is always available to assist appraisers in reaching an accurate and efficient resolution with their loss.

Meet Our Umpire

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Care to Know More About Our Umpire?

Please feel free to download my Curriculum Vitae below, give me a call or email, and I will be happy to discuss any questions you may have.
-Contracting (Restoration, Commercial, Residential, Carpentry)
-Mitigation (Project Manager)
-Independent Adjusting (Worked with Around 50 Insurers)
-Appraisal (Insurer & Insured)
-Umpiring (Commercial and Residential)
-Public Adjusting (Large Commercial Projects)
-Property Loss Consulting (Large Commercial Projects)


Where I'm Based:
Arvada, Colorado (Suburb Slightly Northwest of Denver)


Where I'm Available To Umpire:
All 50 states provided travel expenses and fees are paid. 
Colorado:  Typically the only additional cost is the time to travel to site and back.
How I Rule On Areas Of Impasse:
Based on the data.  It doesn't matter who you are or who your client is.  I have no bias, predetermined stance, or opinion as to how the appraisal will conclude.  Both parties' arguments will be heard in their entirety, and their data will be thoroughly examined.  The presence and availability of well-formed arguments, sound supporting data, and state guidance helps to ensure an accurate resolution to areas of impasse in the appraisal process.